Wanamaker Organ, Philadelphie

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  • DVD : never-before-released historic video record of Keith Chapman's landmark 1986 concert marked his 20th anniversary as Wanamaker Organist and the Organ's 75th anniversary.
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      A quite (!) exceptionnal organ :

  • the size of the Grand Court (112 feet long, 66 feet wide, 150 feet high)
  • its size (475 stops, 462 ranks, 28414 pipes, 142 chests, 38 reservoirs)
  • the richness of its tonal palette
  • 6 manuals console
  • 729 color-coded stop tablets, 168 piston buttons under the keyboards and 42 foot controls
  • 11 expression shoes (see details here) of which 6 are coupled to thumb slides
  • its Strings division (121 ranks : the world biggest)
  • pressures from 5" to 25" wind

  • Dupré improvised what became his wonderful Symphonie-Passion
  • Jongen composed his Symphonie Concertante for him, it has been eventually premiered
        on september 2008.
  • concerts twice a day except on sunday

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  • Gothic Records : The Wanamaker organ and its recordings
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  • The WRTI show : Wanamaker Organ Hour

  • Virgil Fox in its own arrangement (written for the Wanamaker, after Stokowski's arrangement for orchestra) : Komm, süßer Tod, komm, sel'ge Ruh !, J.S. Bach
  • Virgil Fox : Tu es Petra, H. Mulet

  • Peter Richard Conte : Beginning of the Sonate n°5 opus 80, A. Guilmant

    Extracts by Keith Chapman :
  • Beginning of the Choral n°3, C. Franck
  • Beginning of the Introduction and Passacaglia in Dm, M. Reger

    Extracts by Carlo Curley :
  • Fantaisie en Mi b, C. St-Saens
  • Cantabile, C. Franck
  • Grand Choeur en Ré, A. Guilmant
    Played by Guilmant during his 27th recital at the St Louis World Fair in 1904
  • Allegro Maestoso (Sonata n°1) , E. Elgar
  • Aria in F (from “XII Concerto Grosso”), G.F. Händel (arr.: A. Guilmant)