The Wanamaker Grand Court Organ

    The organ has 14 divisions
    36 regulators furnish steady wind pressure from five to twenty-seven inches
    Electro-pneumatic throughout, requiring seven blowers totaling 168 horsepower
    All usuals couplers in 16', 8', 4'
    All Pedal couplers in 8' and 4'
    Expression controlled by swell shoes or thumbslides under the manuals
    Crescendo pedal
    46 general pistons
    Tutti F, Tutti FF, Tutti FFF
    Inter-Manual Couplers Neutral
    Auto-Manual Couplers Neutral
    Expression Couplers Neutral
    Expression Couplers on Manuals Sliders
    Couplers Silent 16'
    Stops Silent 16'
    Couplers Silent 4'
    Manual Mixtures Silent
    High Pressure Reeds Silent
    Tremolos on Crescendo

  The console







  The tremolos

    Pulsations of the tremulants, two for each division, are controllable in ten stages by means of tremolo pulsation levers to the right and left of the music rack on the console. This device was invented and patented in the Wanamaker Organ Shop. It enables the organist to adjust the speed of an individual tremolo or of all the tremolos to suit the performer's taste.

  Notes on layout

  • You will find in the next pages the specification for each division as follows : pitch, name, material(s) , number of pipes for each stop
  • # is sharp
  • b is flat