The Wanamaker Grand Court Organ

    The new VOX HUMANA CHORUS is a floatting division, under expression. It is located in the former Orchestral chamber, it consists of 10 ranks (a manual 8' rank has been added) and a matching Pedal of 2 stops. Curt Mangel has installed 5 different tremolos, each one controls 2 ranks of pipes.

16    Vox Humana metal    61
8 Vox Humana 1 picture metal 61
8 Vox Humana 2 metal 61
8 Vox Humana 3 metal 61
8 Vox Humana 4 metal 61
8 Vox Humana 5 metal 61
8 Vox Humana 6 metal 61
8 Vox Humana 7 (new) metal 61
16 Vox Humana 1 metal 32
16 Vox Humana 2 metal 32
Tremolo off
Vox Choir 16
Vox Choir unison off
Vox Choir 4
Vox Choir on Choir
Vox Choir on Great
Vox Choir on Swell
Vox Choir on Solo
Vox Choir on Ethereal
Vox Choir on Stentor
Vox Choir to Pedal 8
Vox Choir to Stentor Expression
Vox Choir to Ethereal Expression
Vox Choir to Solo Expression
Vox Choir to Swell Expression
Vox Choir to Great Expression
Vox Choir to Choir Expression